Renoisix: Fixing the annoying keyboard focus problem on Linux

Hello there,

maybe those who work on Linux with Renoise know the very annoying focus problem that you can’t play with the keyboard anymore when a plugin is focused. There are a few workarounds like permafocus (I made a script for linux renoise users that lets you play notes with PC keyboard while focused on a plugin window - #12 by grymmjack) but still for me that never was a real solution.

That’s why I started to code a small tool which is running in the background and which intercepts all raw key presses/releases with the X11/XInput API and redirects them to the main window. I only tested this on my system yet, seems to work pretty fine though! I still have to find a way to do that only for windows which also contain a plugin.

So if anybody is interested and wants to help testing, message me!