Rent A German!

why should i need to rent a german? :blink:

edit: well ok… a couple of gals are quite cute there… :)

like this one?…61business1.gif

yeah, now thats what i’m talking about :D

That site seems to weird to be serious… :)

My conclusion exactly. Look at the quotes…

Cool! :D
I always wanted to rent a German!
A couple of months ago I rented a coder from Sweden to speak about demos… and that made me some cool with friends here, you know…
:lol: :lol:

Uhm… :blink: Weird… Ain’t phazze and taktik germans, too?

dont’ know about phazze, but taktik is and so am i.
so this s#!t is NOT funny (!) and the rental shouldn’t be restricted to german-only, what about those already being german? i’d rather rent some of these famous US pr0n-stars i watch on a daily basis but i can’t so this site officially sucks hands down. ;)

LOL @ Keith: For a second I thought, you take this seriously :)

I just sent my photo to them. - So anybody can rent me now (except males and fat women)

Now the site has spread to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet… Here you can see the readers’ top choice of Germans: :)…7,16053,00.html