Reorganizing Notes


I have a track that had notes scattered around in it from a live performance. I was able to break each note into a separate lane which was handy for EQing drums however I would like to now reorganize all the tracks so the notes are snug against the left most column lane available.

I have been googling and menu diving for this for a while now.

Anyone have suggestions?


Mix-paste? Does that work? I haven’t tried it, but I’m familiar with the problem you’re describing.

Do you mean, you have some empty note columns in the left side you want to get rid of?

In Renoise 3.1 you can drag/re-arrange note columns, so this would be one way of getting rid of them. Drag them all the way to the right, then hide them :ph34r:

Otherwise, tool of interest (updated soon, I guess?):

Oh, I will have to look into Mix-paste. I have not tried this and danoise your tool looks interesting too but I am too afraid to try anything Alpha at this point. I am still hesitant to try anything new even in Renoise once my song gets to a certain level of complexity.

Thanks for the replies!