"Repeat note" tool

Hi. This was my first attempt to make useful tool for Renoise. I don`t know if it is of any interest to the community. If I overlooked already existing similar tool then please give me the link to it. Anyway it was interesting for me to try some scripting. Here is how it looks…





The look of the tool should have been self-explanatory, but I apologize for my average knowledge of english and musical terms. By “off-beat note” I meant every second note.

The tool is still far from perfect, but I got a little bored already and the code grew too big, so I suspended the development. All the features that you see kind of work, but there are few defects:

  1. when selection is being filled expanentionaly with “-” sign and the desired quantity of notes is too large, they break out of selection area and may cause error.
  2. “absorb” mode doesn`t work correctly if there is more notes in selection than the desired quantity of notes.
  3. the tool doesnt copy panning and instrument values. Its easy to implement but I just forgot about that

Also, I`d like to add the option to alter bpm/lpb commands instead of delay column, if the note doesnt fit line (currently if there should be several notes in line, more columns automatically added). And rework “off-beat” algorithm when expanentionaly filling. And copy “off” comands if any together with the note. And some more features. But as I said I got a little tired of scripting.

So, any comments?

Oh, I noticed only now that I messed up with description of exponential features. Actually “+” is decreasing speed and “-” is increasing

Here is how it should be