Repeater Automation

renoise b3 64bit osx

repeater automation mode: even (point), divisor automated via points.

If you begin a pattern with automation of say, 1/32, the pattern repeater acts accordingly along with any other divisor changes throughout the pattern. bug: when the pattern then repeats, the beginning note (which should be repeated 1/32ths) is not repeated, and overall behavior is affected.

can provide more info if necessary. anyone else not able to successfully automate repeater?

edit: seems one needs to switch mode to off before a new repeat. seems more logical to add an off option to the divisor automation options so one doesn’t need to automate two separate parameters for a repeat. this, or an auto-off before the pattern repeats. the problem as it stands: two identically automated patterns sounding different.

double edit: still not behaving consistently despite trying to add mode: off.

A demo .XRNS song is always preferable. Please upload one if you can.

At the moment you do need to turn the effect off and on again with the Mode parameter, but there’s still definitely something strange going on here. Will look into it.

thank you so much :D i was just spilling dblue respect in #renoise

In the song, you are automating the device to 1/1 in the 24th line - from my understanding of the device, this means that the device will not pick up the next audio before it reaches the exact same position - as it always picks up the next piece of audio when it’s “current cycle” is complete? At least, this is how I’ve always understood the device to work.

my intuition would be that with even divisors, the value is still always pointing to the beginning position of the audio buffer. by beginning a repeat on the first line, the repeater has no issues transitioning between something like (1/16 to 1/32 to 1/8 to 1/4) all in one pattern; this repeats successfully and identically with the pattern looping.

when changing the value to 1/1, something goes awry. I would hope subsequent divisor values act just like the previous values (i.e. play from the beginning of the buffer according to subsequent divisors > 1/1).

bump: anyone else trying to automate repeater?

It’s a problem with how the Repeater reacts to the divisor changes. I’m still looking into it and will hopefully have a fix in one of the next beta updates. Please be patient :)

In the meantime, as I mentioned above, the effect will respond a bit better if you turn it off with the Mode parameter before turning it back on again when changing the Divisor timing. This is a bit more effort, but just the way it works for now.

thanks. i don’t mean to be a pest.

it seems that “off” doesn’t seem like a necessary mode. i realize it gets more complex when you’re balancing real-time use with automation. using effects like artillery 2, i like many others assign an effect (including beat repeats) to a note/cc in a momentary fashion for quick taps, ending the effect upon release of the controller. you’ve also added the slider, which is fantastic. what seems most intuitive would be to have automation be just as simple as real-time use. “mode” would choose between even, triplet, dotted, and free. while divisor automation would allow the minimum position to effectively turn the effect “off” (while not actually switching the dsp unit off), and all positive values would act as simultaneous “on” and its appropriate divisor selection. in this fashion, if a producer is working specifically in one mode such as even, all automation can take place with one parameter: divisor, presumably with points, but not necessarily. likewise, one could switch mode via automation to free and automate with curves, only effecting the signal when the divisor value > 0.