Repeater Device help

Can i use one repeater device to control 2 tracks at the same time?

I have not tried all the devices, but the following should work. Steps:

  • Create a send track “S01” (on the right side of the master track).
  • Inside this S01, load the “Repeater” device and configure it.
  • Now on any track of notes or group track, you can load the device “#Send” and be sure to send to track “S01” in “Receiver”.
  • You can repeat the previous step as many times as you want for each broadcasting track.

Another alternative is to use a group track and load the Repeater on it. All note tracks (& sub-groups) inside are automatically sent to your parent group. This is valid if the affected tracks are contiguous. Otherwise, use a send track.

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Thank you friend that was so easy i dont know how come i didnt figure that out/

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