Repeater-Style Controls For Lfo

So I was playing with the repeater device this morning when something occurred to me:

Why don’t we have an “XY” style interface for the LFO device much like the repeater’s. I already know we’re capable of syncing it to lines, but it seems like it would be a quick and intuitive way to change an LFO’s sync rate without having to think “1/4T …hmm… is that gonna be 12 lines?”…etc.

Anyways… Just figured I’d bring it up.

have you seen the x/y device? Maybe you can connect it with a lfo device and achieve what you want?

I have. The difference is: The Repeater’s built-in “XY” pad is separated into tempo-synced values. It occurs to me that this would be more useful for LFO’s.

Ah, I see what you mean +1 for expandable synced grid in lfo, maybe someone smart can think of a workaround in the meantime, it is possible to store the tempo-synced values in a hydra and iterate through them somehow?

Store in a Custom LFO curve you mean? ;)