Repeating 0b00 (backward) Command


I put 0B00 command after note in track. Sample reversing.
I put another 0B00 after few steps - sample still playing reversed…
Why it not ping-pong’s ? What if i need it double-reversed=back to normal ?
Ping pong behavior would be logical in this case i suppose…

Thinkin’ about it many times, just forgeting to ask…

Simply add a 0b01 after the 0b00 if you want to play the sample forward again.

OOops! :blink:
It’s obviously… I’m dumb!

Thanx Taktik, sorry 4 takin’ ur priceless time B)

There’s a simple (well, not really) reason why this can’t happen.
Imagine you have 3 patterns: 1, 2 and 3.
you’ve arranged them in the sequence 1, 2, 3, 2.

Imagine a track in pattern 2 has 0b00 in row 00, without any notes on that line. Then whatever sample was already playing will be reversed.

Say, in the same track, pattern 1 has a long sample played near the end so that it is still playing when pattern 2 comes along. It will be reversed.

Now lets make pattern 3 have another long sample played near it’s end, same deal as pattern 1, except that we put 0b00 beside the note so that it starts backwards. Then when pattern 2 swings around again, in the current system, the 0b00 commad is ignored. If, however, 0b00 was just a toggle switch that allows ping-pong between reverse and forwards, the 0b00 command at the start of pattern 2 will make it pay forwards. This would effectively be incompatible with the current system.

b00 b01 also makes it easy to tell you when something is supposed to be moving forward and when it is supposed to be reversed.

:) so you don’t have to trace your file!

dude i love the b00 and b01
It’s an improvement and you can’t mess with that… aint no flaws in that effect

too bad for you i guess