rephlex releases

Does anyone know why there haven’t been any releases the last year on the ‘rephlex’ lable ?
As far as I know , the last release was monilth and aleksi perala’s reissue of mental union .( +b sides or whatever you wanna call it )

Think they’ve just let the website die and are sticking to vinyl and cd releases.
A strange strategy, but it’s sure to work!

Discogs has this to say

They probably can’t find any more artists that sound exactly like Aphex Twin. lol

Or they realise there are so many that it wouldn’t make sense to release even more of it.

thanks , didn’t know about the artist ‘ultrademon’ lp seapunk …sounds really good .
Hmmm I really don’t agree that rephlex is just a stable for aphex clones …I mean ‘ARPANET’ , aleksi perala etc…all have their own unique sound

Yea, I’ll admit there are a few great original artists on their roster, but a lot of it sounds like they could all just be Richard James side projects.

I think there’s a lot of original material on there. They stick to their aesthetics though. Vastly synthesis and analog. I think a lot of the similarity comes from them sharing equipment and resources. For instance, I have difficulty accepting that the fuss is just one of them, though rdj’s machines are almost certainly used.

Rephlex now releases stuff under plenty of label names, developing The Tuss-like brain streaking mistifications: (all of this names are Jodey Kendrick actually) (photodementia is a monolith actually, mimicking Drexciya-like electro)