Replace Instrument In Selection?

I tried to figure this out for a while, but:
How do I replace an instrument in selection. Say, from 15 to 17? I like to play around with different instruments playing the same melodies, and it’s slooow to enter always the new generator numbers by hand…

Oh, and is there a device that can send note data to several VSTs? For double tracking etc fx…

The Advanced Edit section has the tools you’re looking for. It’s worth your time to carefully read the whole page in the manual, but if you want to skip ahead then this part deals with changing instrument numbers.


You mean this?:…_Plugin_Effects…ugin_effects.29

Otherwise you have to use tricks like EnergyXT (as vst plugin which allows you to load several plugs at once)

That’s useful to know about sending MIDI data to fx, altough I was thinking of setting up, say, two mono VST instruments with slightly different tweaks for left and right channels of a bass sound for example. (or layering pads, leads, etc…)

The advanced edit was the first thing I tried, but somehow couldn’t get my head around it. I guess I need to read the manual once more :P

But thanks for the answers!

I recommend Chainer.