replace missing vst with ... be able to re-link automation

Probably something similar has been suggested before, but couldn’t find real quick;

Checking out old song files I often come across missing vst. Some plugin makers, for example the Ohmforce dudes, like to rename their plugins after updates. Can also be a plugin is simply removed.

In those cases it would be cool if you could select the ‘missing’ vst, or possibly choose another one to replace it, keeping automation!

For example if you’d automated the cutoff of a filter in a missing vst, be able to keep those automation editor envelopes but link them to the newly chosen effect, maybe another filter’s cutoff…or if it’s a completely other kind of parameter, scale the values to fit the new destination.

Right now there’s an empty placeholder for the missing effect, automation envelopes can still be copied over to a newly opened effect manually. I wouldn’t mind a more streamlined solution B) .

If Renoise encounters a missing vst,

…it’ll ask you if you want to replace, search it in the dsp effect list,

…if you want to keep automation,

…if so, choose per automated parameter, a new destination.

Could something like this be scripted?

I don’t come across the issue very often but it seems like a more streamlined version of

More streamlined, because this one might present you with a dialog with possible sources and destinations

Source Destination

[x] [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾] --> [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾]
[x] [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾] --> [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾]
[x] [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾] --> [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾]
[x] [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾] --> [Track ▾] [Device ▾] [Parameter ▾]

[Remove selected] [Add] [Insert at...] [Remap automation]

I think the above can work, thanks for the heads up!