Replace Track Dsp

I found several times that it would be very useful if I`d be able to REPLACE Track DSP’s devices.

For example, in master mix track I have many entered ons and offs with, lets say, Renoise native flanger fx device. I found it pretty loud in several parts of the song if it is turned on, so I`d like to replace it with other flanger VST device.

What do you think about implementing option “Replace” in right mouse menu?

[for example, after Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste Device menu, you can add Replace Device too]?

[For now, if I delete old native flanger - all track changes for this device will dissapear and putting another device will need entering 1FXX again through whole song?]

p.s. now some ideas:
How about having special tracks just for SFX in MIXER window? this way we could just see track dsp effects when they are turned on or off in pattern, and then you could add new command lines for Mute/Solo track… This is my biggest wish to be implemented in one of future releases (:

Actually this is very logical because the parameters of one device are not the same of the other one.
What if you have changed parameter values through the effect column or the automation?

What you could try, is to copy the DSP chain to clipboard, then paste the contents into your notepad or texteditor and replace the reference of the native flanger DSP with the other flanger VST.
I have never tried this myself but i would strongly suggest you to !!save your song before trying this!!
Why, because if your device has automated parameters and specific parameter value changes passed by the effect commands for it, it may cause values being supplied to the VST that might make it crash and possibly crash Renoise.

I think that is the reason why it is not implemented.
So the only solution i could think of if this option would be implemented is to only save the effect commands that turn on and off the device but all related options like automation and parameter value change effect commands get erased to prevent these problems.

Thats right. This could be implemented the way you say → replacing device and leaving only effect commands that turn on and off devices, and clears any other device automation parameters to avoid problems. Please implement it if you find it not very hard :) Thank you very much! :)