Replacing 32bit Instruments

I wonder if there is a way to replace instruments which for some reason gets different names for different versions (32 vs 64 bit). Ok, I can understand why but it brings me trouble.
For example, when switching to 64 bit version, many VSTi’s are called something like Gladiator_X64 instead of just Gladiator forcing me to replace the instrument and loose patch data. VSTs are mostly ok because it’s easier to replace an EQ for example compared a synth.
Is it possible to set up some kind of aliases which also corrects my jBridged instruments? (which are named “[jBridge]” instead of just “”. I’ve managed to rescue some instances by getting rid of the “X64” suffix for some synths. And renaming .dll files feels like the wrong way to solve this.
It’s a real pain to get all songs working, forcing me to keep all old versions of any VST I’ve ever used.
And it’s not that I want to keep old songs from from my entire life working but I often tend to use a song as a template to start working with new ideas quickly.

A solution to this is highly appreciated.

A tool solution might be possible, but still would require a manual linking between both alternatives (you need to have both installed).
Also do note that a risk might be that having parameters specifically stored for 32-bit plugins, could crash 64-bit plugins when send to them and vice versa. (The risk is the highest with sampler plugins)

Give this a try: Snippet: Replace Plugin Ids Inside Song.xml

Allright beatslaughter, that seems to be exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks a lot!

Messing with scripts and stuff has a bit of a learning curve by itself I realized, probably nothing complicated though. I think I’ll do it manually by extracting the song file and find/replace the faulty instruments with Notepad2. It was quite simple actually.