Replacing drum slices?

Is there a way to chop a drum loop then replace the slices with your own sounds? If not it would be a great feature to be able to right click, select individual slices and replace them at will. Retaining the groove but keeping the sound original.

You might find my Slices To Pattern tool useful:

Add slice markers to your drum loop, then use my tool to insert the slices into the current track/pattern. The note positions and delay column values are calculated automatically to maintain the original groove.

After that, you can simply edit any of the notes in the pattern, to replace the slice with another sound, or anything you want really.

Haha i downloaded that yesterday but it never occurred to me. would stil be a nifty feature to have an option to replace in the sample editor. Thanks dblue.

You can quickly select a whole slice in the sample editor with ctrl + double click. This makes it easy to copy/paste chunks of sample data from place to place, but of course the main problem is maintaining the overall loop timing. The stuff you paste in there to replace a slice might not be the same length as the original slice itself, which will throw off the loop and could potentially cause some timing weirdness depending on how you actually use the loop/slices.

For me personally, I prefer the non-destructive approach by simply replacing the note data itself, rather than messing too much with the sample data. This gives me the freedom to experiment even further if I want to, being able to quickly swap out the sounds, and so on.

Your mileage may vary ;)