Replication of function found on Instrument on DemoSong

I’m, I guess you’d say studying, demo songs to figure out the features and functions better and to see what’s possible with the program. I noticed that on the song
DemoSong - DBlue - Tension
There’s a quirk I don’t understand and was hoping you all might be so kind and let me know what’s up.
On instrument (dblue neuro bass) when clicking on the keyboard with the mouse in the Sampler Tab it makes a tapping noise mostly and sometimes plays the bass; this sounds cool, though when using the Keyboard with the keyboard it doesn’t do this. I don’t know why this is happening lol

I’m stupid please help.

Buy a midi Keyboard…seriously

No more problem with that…
When you want to do music,you use an instrument,no?

There is some compact midi keyboards😉

You are not stupid

Someday I’ll get an midi; I’ve just not the capital, nor desk space, to afford it.

My keyboard is my instrument for the time being and I know where all the keys are.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope for you that you will can afford a nice compact master keyboard in the future…:ok_hand:‍‍

I was thinking of getting one of these but I’m not sure which?

Akai Professional MPK Mini Play Compact Keyboard and Pad Controller Bundle with 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with LED-lit Power switches and USB Ext Cable M-F

AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 - 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller With 8 Backlit Drum Pads, 8 Knobs and Music Production Software Included

Do I need knob, pads and buttons?
What do you have?

I have a “nektar lx 25 +”

From my point of view,the “Mk3” feel more logic than the “play”

Yeah on the Play they got rid of some buttons and dials and added a $50 speaker. I may as well as just use a set of headphones or a nice pair of speakers anyways; I can’t imagine it’d sound any good anyway.

When you do music,soundcard (DAC) and listenning system is “CRUCIAL”

I’ve an Apple Mac mini; so yeah.

Try an external DAC,and a good Headphones sets

But I know that money doesn’t fall from the sky

Just an idea when things will be better

So are you saying it’s making those noises because it’s a computer processing thing?
I do have several programs and countless tabs open, so I mean it could be that; and testing it on my other comp I think proves it. Shame, it sounded so cool.

DAC is the source of the sound
A good DAC will give you “the ears of the wolf”…You know?

Many “amateur” composer doesn’t know that…It’s crazy

Many “amateur” composer are “blocked”…because they have not a good listenning chain

I fight many times for that on this forum and i’m tired of that
“You want to compose?
SO…Listen to the the music…Don’t just hear it”

Good Luck

I feel as though I good well composed piece of music could be played on a tin can and still sound amazing; like it’ll shine though if it’s good enough mentality. I’m thinking of porting things I get around to creating on devices people’d be listening to it on you know? So as to hear if here it sounds different than here or whatnot.

Will look into DAC stuff too.

Yes…I advise you to
Apple DACs are maybe goods…But a “big” DAC make the difference.

In HIFI…many times…more it’s big…more it’s good…

Just because that with more space…you’ll get less interferences