Repositioning Cursor And Different Pattern Lengths

I have a suggestion to make regarding the way the cursor readjust its position when the user moves to a pattern which has smaller pattern lengths. Currently - if the cursor is positioned on the lower half of a large pattern and you move the pattern scrollbar to see/edit a small pattern, the cursor will readjust to the last row on that pattern, which is the nearest row available.

Here’s my suggestion: Imagine that you have a track that goes something like this (numbers are pattern lengths):

128 Beats 1
16 Break
128 Beats 2

You are at Beats 2 at row 96 and have made some adjustment that you would also like to do at the same row-position at Beats 1, so you use the pattern scrollbar and move up there. While you’re doing it, you are passing the 16 length Break and you are repositioned at row 15 (when counting 16 = 0-15), so when you arrived at Beats 1, you have to move the cursor from row 15 down to row 96 again.

My though is, why can’t Renoise keep the “row 96”-position in mind before I use the pattern scrollbar and reposition the cursor to row 96 at Beats 1, since that row-position is now available again? So, if I am at Beats 2 at row 96, scroll past Break (where cursor will reposition to nearest row available, the last row) and then arrive at Beats 1, the cursor will again reposition to row 96. If I would do anything actively at the Break-pattern - move the cursor up/down, edit etc, then of course that cursor-position is what should be regarded as “the current position”. Perhaps this is a tiny suggestion and perhaps it’s caused by my workflow, but I do think that everyone who are using patterns with different lengths would possibly gain from this. I also hope you understand what I’m trying to explain.

What do you think?

http://tools.renoise…ation-shortcuts perhaps? (It also takes the next previous pattern size in its algorithm)

Thanks for the suggestion, Vv, I had a go at your plugin and understood what it can do, the jumping between patterns that it does is interesting as well. I don’t think it (presently) behaves like my suggestion though so I’ll keep my suggestion open.

PS. Btw I managed to crash your tool a couple of times when using the settings “LengthFactor / 1 / Edit Position” and “LengthFactor / 0 / Edit Position” and moving up and down in patterns of various lengths.

You might want to try this variant (minimum is now 1 lines):

I was debugging a few things that don’t go properly in the online-variant.

This is a debug variant though and unfinished (absolute mode doesn’t work yet), but it should do the original stuff a lot better.

Hmm, didn’t manage to get that version close to what I wanted to do either, vV. Seemed the first one worked a little better even.

Maybe it’s just that I’m so used to that when you change pattern you’re still on the same row, and that it would be cool to still stay there if possible, even if passing a pattern which is a lot shorter.

Has anyone else thought about this?