[req] Apply Insert/view Pattern Commands To Selection


Liked when I first saw the option to view all commands in the pattern editor and being able to insert them through the new ‘insert/view pattern FX commands’ drop down list. But, than started to wonder why it is only possible to insert 1 entry and not have it applied to a selection made in the pattern.

Or… have functionality like; hold mouse-button on the drop down list choice and have command/values increment/decrement over time throughout the pattern (hold either left/right mouse click?).

Automatic fill-up wouldn’t be relevant for all commands and maybe we’ll see it in 2.6, but besides being a look-up table for all commands possible I don’ think it is really that useful.

So, I propose an option to have the command values automatically filled in a selection made in the pattern.

You can debate setting up the defaults and interpolating rules, like I said…could have left mouse clicking start with the lowest to highest value in a selection and right mouse clicking the opposite.

I know about the advanced editor and being able to interpolate that way, but as this new functionality has been introduced, why not make more out of it?




If this ever becomes a reality, I suggest the drop down menu becomes expandable instead (like expanding the advanced editor)…so you can choose to have the ‘global’ & ‘sample’ command options shown perminantly. Something like this:

2.6 :)

nice nice nice :dribble: