Req: Record On/off Also Send Mmc Rec On/off

Been a renoise user since 1.0, finally got around to paying last month ;) Anyhow, this feature is needed as Reason 4.0 won’t play nice with renoise anymore (3.05 works fine, 4 won’t record when sync’ed to Renoise due to this). If the topic isn’t clear enough, here’s all Renoise has to do: Send a record on/off command via MIDI when escape/record in transport is clicked. Thanks a lot guys, hope this works its way into a newer version :D

P.S.: I was thinking of releasing a musicdisk, if any of you guys like hip-hop (gotta cut the number of songs down). Maybe they’ll be nice tutorials for people that are learning this killer app :D


Sweet, I’ll make a cover and rar it up, should be ready in a day or two! :D

EDIT: Disk’s done, no cover, UNDER 1.44MB!! :D


I’m eagerly awaiting it as we speak :)