Request: 6+ sliders/inputs for formula device, please!

Hey devs,

could you add some more input values to the formula device? Really is annoying to use it, if you want to add extra features like inertia to an algorithm…

I would like to add a frequency inertia knob to this transposer-eq5-doofer: (see inertia variant, inside the formula device)

I circumvented the “only 3 inputs problem” for form devices by chaining them. Like you could first do some transformation in one formula device, and then feed into another that purely interpolates and controls the target param. Then there’s question whether to interpolate before or after some transformation - answer would mostly be to watch how the interpolated values would be spread across the target devices range, in which situation the interpolation would give the “smoothest” sounding results. Your problem seems a bit different to mine though, for example when I wished to interpolate multiple parameters controlled by a single slider it would be obvious to interpolate the input value first, and then remap and spread over the target parameters, but I see your parms are decoupled giving need to interpolate each individually? Will result in a fucking lot of formula devices, I find those can really suck away cpu.

Hey oopslFly but you agree, that more inits for the formula device would be quite useful, right? Or even multiple outputs/targets.

Already fixed that, the nu transposer-eq5 1.1 will interpolate before formula.

Choosing number of inputs and outputs as static conf for the plugin instance would seem logical, yes. Then used/named maybe like “registers”, i.e. In1, In2, In3, Out1, Out2 in the code. The split between formula/user would need to be redesigned for multiple outputs though. Like one extra precalc field for a user function being passed inputs and executed each tick, and one formula field for each output where you can stuff numbers from variables declared in the precalc. Because problem is for multiple outputs you’d most often want them to be related and require common calculations you obviously woulnd’t want to calculate again for each output.