request: alias dsp device

What about adding the ability to create an alias from each dsp device, which can be placed everywhere and multiple on any track and looks slightly different (other border or something).

Since I doubt, the renoise devs will care about flexible send channel positioning in 3.1, this could be a very simple and practical solution for a lot of scenarios. Here are some examples:

  • I wanna use a compressor or flanger with only 50% wet amount. Since these r3 dsps do not support wet amount, I now have to create a complicated construction with 2 send channels:
    one with the dsps and one resulting send. Now these 2 sends may be placed far away from your original track, so editing starts to be painfully. What now if you could alias all devices from dsp send and resulting send to your original track, so all these dsps would be visible inside the orig track (but stay in the sends) ?

  • let’s say u have a drumset where the snare has its own gated reverb send. Here you need at least 2 send chans, one for the snare reverb and one resulting. Simply now alias the gate from sn rev send to the orig sn track and the drum conpressor from the resulting send and put it into the drum group, so it’s quickly accessible.

  • let’s say u use 3 layers of reverb. Now you could alias the reverb to each track it is used (multiple alias)

This leads me to an additional idea: the send device then simply could have an option “display send ch devices in place” and “display send ch devices recursively”, so also sends of sends will be shown. Later you could simply un-alias/remove some dsps again that you may not require.

I already requested a “receiver device” a while back, and i think others have suggested similar features earlier. Not shure if it’s being prioritized, but i hope we see a solution to this in the future.