Request for Rex Feature

I have sent this plea, to the propeller heads to lower the costs of the REX licence(s) for software developers.

Topic: A plea to remove the high cost of Rex / Rx2 Licences

Message: Hello, A good day to you,

I am asking you to look into your hearts, and lower the price of the licences for the REX option for the Software Developers.

This is really hurting the Music industry big time because software like Bitwig and Renoise3, that are otherwise equipped to make awesome creative new kinds of songs, are missing this essential feature for every creator of Beats.

I am asking you to take another look at the policy with which you handle the handouts for Licenses for the Developers to implement this feature.

Because not only some software, but also the music many people listen to is being to a great degree handicapped by this.

I am asking this, because you have in your hands the only Patented Slicing method for Beats on the planet. And ever after the Hardware samplers were taken out of the picture, this REX method has been the only one available for us music producers.

All the best & Friendly Greetings,

My Name

but what the big difference between wav and rx2?

well the rx2 files come pre-sliced? you can transpose them without altering the tempo and vice versa.

anyways, would love to have it in renoise for sure. i’ll join the cause.

i wouldn’t hold your breath but it would be useful.

as an alternative reaper can load rex2, change their tempo, bounce them out out as waves, get chromatic MIDI items for slices etc. you might be able to export the MIDI then import it into renoise along with the slices. it think it has to be a fresh session to do that. might try it myself actually.

EDIT: it works, i just tried it.