Request: improving mpreverb

Hey guys,

It’s again spamming time. This time featuring the Renoise’s mpReverb. Wow it sounds great, no doubt.

But please have a look at abletons reverb. That one superiors a lot by having some more little additions:

  1. It has a build in post-chorus, so the reverb tail will never sound statically. I tried to emulate that with the renoise chorus… Well imo the chorus deviceis a bit problematic ally and it will never sound that smooth (if anybody has a hint for, please let me know).

  2. It has a early reflections part, which enhanced the deep.

  3. You can control not only lp and bass gain, but also three bands individually, in frequency and gain. So some of the default presets in abletons will sound so awesome. So smooth and warm.

What do you think?

I think it could use a size parameter. And more decay time. Early reflections can also be cool I guess, but I rarely get them to sound good on most reverbs anyway.

I find the chorus usually sounds better when you set the feedback negative :smiley:

Also check out Ambience (if you haven’t already.) It can sound pretty spot on sometimes.

Lately I’ve been slapping the convolver on anything, while less realtime control maybe I’m getting a much more unique color / range of sounds out of it depending on the input .wavs.