Request: Inline note off (Kxx)

is there a possibility to implement note off from the effect command?
The reason:
i want to have inline note off.
i just realized that milkytracker has this Kxx command that is very neat.
For example, you can have quick stabs recorded correctly, even if you use mediocre speed/LPB values.
I am aware of 0Cxy command, but it doesn’t get recorded for example - like Kxx does in milkytracker, which is awesome!
This would replace the need (well, not entirely but most likely) to go with the 16lpb for making funky stabs possible, or the need to have ‘zoomable pattern editor’ like Radium has… :slight_smile:


I really miss this, too.

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the benefits of this feature would be enormous

0Cxy doesn’t work on midi
0Cxy doesn’t get recorded by recording midi