Request: Lua Access To Sample Recorder Input/channels/patternsync

please would it be possible to provide api access to sample recorder window dialogue?


  1. API for setting input soundcard / channel

  2. API for setting L/R/L+R

  3. API for selecting between “No sync” / “Pattern Sync” for recording

  4. API for selecting FX channel

  5. API toggle for Record Dry/with monitor fx on/off

  6. API toggle for create a new instrument on each take

  7. pie in the sky: "Stop recording and start recording a new sample while Renoise safely saves the just-recorded sample during record of the new sample.

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+1 for 1) and please make it possible to start Renoise with different config files from the console.

Yes, I support this idea.

Maybe base it on the track output devices like so:

sample_recorder.available_input_devices -> table of input devices  
sample_recorder.input_device -> an entry from available_input_devices  
sample_recorder.record_mode -> 1 = L+R, 2=L, 3=R [enum]  
sample_recorder.pattern_sync -> boolean  
sample_recorder.fx_track_index -> a valid track index  
sample_recorder.monitor_fx -> boolean  
sample_recorder.create_new_instrument -> boolean  
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Awesome. Would be so swell :)

Yes please! :)

I’m hoping to write a tool that automates the process of recording from HW synths.
Not sure yet to what extent this is possible with the current APIs.

Flow would be as follows:

assumption: current track contains the notes for the external instrument

  1. Show dialog with record options (very similar to sample recorder dialog)
  2. Start recording and start playing pattern (from current pos)
  3. Monitor keyboard input for ‘space’ or ‘return’ → Stop playing pattern
  4. Stop recording when input audio falls below a predefined threshold (to include decay/tails)
  5. Mute columns in track
  6. Add new column to track
  7. Add note at the initial play position to trigger new recording
  8. Enable autoseek for instrument

steps 2) / 3) could have alternative versions that work based on a selection within the track
Perhaps I’ve overlooked some details, but this would be the gist of it.


we’re still here. i wonder when the api hooks would arrive. :slight_smile:

still here. @taktik is there any chance we could have these API functions?
it would be pretty smashing to be able to create shortcuts using these API functions for recording specific inputs