Request: Mono compatible width slider

Currently the Renoise’s width slider completely destroys mono compatibility. So I cannot use it. Could it be replaced by an algorithm that preserves mono compatibility? Thanks.

And what does the stereo expander do when you slide it to full mono side?

Hey vV,

the stereo expander is mono stable here (in mono and expanded position), at least if I use only the “expand” slider and place it on the first position. “Surround” also destroys the mono mix like the track “width” slider…

[s]Hm I know placed the stereo expander at last position on the master on slided it to mono. Result is a perfect mono mix.

Strange issue. I always use the control on my audio interface:[/s]
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[s]But if I listen with a mono device like the iPad, it sounds exactly like the mono mode of my audio interface and not the mono mode of the stereo exapander…

Am I doing anything wrong here? Is there something wrong with the mono mode of the stereo expander? It seems not to just add the left + right channel, but use some more complicated algorithm. Is this true?

Thanks for info.[/s]

[s]EDIT: Sorry, I used only right channel, not left+right on the expander.

If I use left+right, I get the same result and my audio interface.[/s]

By saying you get the same result and (as?) your audio interface, do you mean the problem is solved? I’m confused.

No, it’s not solved: The channel/track width slider is not mono compatible, and also the stereo expander device’s surround slider. If you want a “professional” result, you cannot use these two.

I’m certainly no professional, so i can’t say if it’s true or not. Do you expect the stereo expanded sound to sound the same when played back in mono as if it wasn’t expanded in the first place?

Yes, but of course in mono :)

The width slider even removes a sound from a mono mix thanks to phase cancellation. There are a lot of expanders that preserve mono. I think an internal fx should fulfill such a standard requirement.