Request: One additional filecomment field in save dialogue

To directly enter a song comment while saving the file. Very practical for a revision comment.

OSX supports it, I think Windows NTFS also supports file comments.

IMHO, such platform-specificity is to be avoided - I guess you’d like to browse songs through the OS file system?

But still, good idea - I’d like it if Renoise could display song comments as we select .xrns files in the disk browser

You know, song comments? :slight_smile:

You can also see file comments on each os in the file open dialogue. Showing the file comment on mouse over a song file within the renoise file browser would be of course favored. So you could see the file comment within and outside Renoise…

The render dialogue also then should have a comment field that is autofilled (if empty) with the comment of the song file.

I suggested this, because at least me have difficulties to:

  • Find the right version of song after a period of time.

  • Sometimes even revision chronology is messed up if I copied the song to notebook and back, or used some crappy backup system. So I would prefer to name it always with date first, like “2015-04-04 …” etc. to be sure that the file date will be never lost.

  • After a year I don’t even remember why I made another version

  • I usually use the file open dialogue, since it is much larger and more informative than the r3 disk browser.