request regarding Combine Into Doofer / make doofer

When you make a doofer from existing dsp effects that already has been automated in some way, all automation is lost.
Shouldn’t this come along?

(Sorry if this issue already has been posted)

bug or feature request? :blink:

It would be a feature request :slight_smile:

Macros expose an “interface” to the outside world consisting of 8 parameters. So, depending on the actual chain and number of automated parameters, this may (or may not) be enough for a successful recombination.
So, any solution would have to be prepared for a little compromise…

A possible implementation could have a popup saying “some parameters will loose automation”, perhaps leading to another section saying “…select the ones to keep”

I would like to see this prototyped using the API :slight_smile:

hmm, but but but:
I understand that the 8 macro controls can’t automatically connect to sliders that are automated before/outside the doofer, but - just by MOVING a DSP, let’s say an automated gainer, inside a new doofer, removes all previous automation on the gainer. from a user perspective that seems very odd…? :confused:

aah… ok I see the logic now.
a dialogue box as you suggested would be nice,
and one could choose to remap a dsp automation to a macro instead.

I’m working on a project now that started out quite simple mix-wise, so I didn’t feel the need for any doofers, but now I have long-ass DSP chains with lots of automation on several tracks, and I regret that choice. re-doing all the automation now is just too time consuming…
So yeah, one shouldn’t need to PLAN these things before a project is blooming - dialogue box you are very welcome :slight_smile: