Request - Setting To Automatically Play Currently Selected Line

Hi all.

Been playing with the Select Line By Midi Control tool (by E.H.V.A.H. SDC),
and got to thinking (uh oh) …

I’d like to use Renoise’s Pattern Editor to output MIDI (to an instrument, or external device) when Renoise is not playing. In this situation, it would output the MIDI data currently selected by the cursor.

I imagine this as a setting that can be turned on, or off.
For me, it would expand on Renoise’s capabilities as a live instrument, but also make it more flexible for integrating it with other creative pursuits, like algorithmic composition.

Is this something that could be scripted?

When playback=off, doesn’t “Play Current Line” do anything midi-wise?

yes “Play Current Line” does do something, but you have to use the shortcut for that, and even then it automatically moves the cursor down to the next line. What I’m dreaming of, is a setting that tells Renoise to send the pattern information (e.g. note data) located where ever the cursor is, when ever the cursor is moved (like when using the Select Line By Midi Control tool). In other words, in this situation, notes (for example) would be sent to the corresponding Renoise Instrument or external device automatically, when ever the cursor is moved, without having to use a short cut.

WOAH! Play Current Line ignores EditStep!! That’s really crazy, that’s a bug or had better well be one :D

Yeah, seems like EditStep should definitely effect Play Current Line. If it did, and I could use MIDI to control ‘Play Current Line’, I could potentially create a setup using Bidule, or a script (if I ever learn Lua) that would combine cursor movement and Play Current Line to get me quite close to what I requested in my initial post. Still, it would be sweet to just switch on something like 'Automatically Play Current Line".

In fact, I think that’s a better title for this thread! Is it obnoxious to change the thread title 3 times? Oh well, I feel impulsive :D

Just thought of one more thing that could be great:
Having the ‘Automatically Play Currently Selected Line’ setting apply only to the currently selected track (the selection of which is automatically done when the cursor enters it, as is the case now).
This way one could hop from line to line and track to track and trigger a wide range of sounds quickly.