Request: Simple sine gen. in spectrum view for finding freqs by ear


the spectrum view is really great, but sometimes you need to determine an exact frequency. For example currently I work on a synbass, that is already compressed and sounds good overall. But since it uses unison and a chorus, sometimes a special bass frequency will stick out for a moment.

Now I would like to exactly find this bass frequency. Of course I can see a lot on the spectrum, I could search for the highest amplitude. But this isn’t so precise.

Instead what about adding a “simple sine generator”, that is always available in the spectrum view and generates a sine sound on mouse-down (or some shortcut + mouse), exactly with the clicked frequency and volume…? I think this would be so helpful to quickly find a frequency by ear*!

What do you think?

*P.S: And then, in my dreams, there would be an option on right click: “setup dynamic eq with this frequency and volume margin”

Great idea!

Just wanted to mention, for what you’re trying to do, first of all make sure you’ve maxed out frequency scaling. Now what will also really help is switching the drawing mode to spectrogram. This will give you straight bars instead of curves which makes it easier to nail the center of a frequency.

Love this idea. Simple but brilliant.

Would be even cooler if the frequency and amplitude you mouse over would be available to the api…