Requiem for a Slaughtered Angel

Hey all! so ive been using Renoise for about 2-3 months and been producing music for around 6 months (Im a beginner to this stuff). I started with MilkyTracker and then found Renoise off of a Venetian Snares vid.

so I’ve made around 4 songs using renoise but i haven’t really been proud of them until i made this one!

it was a pretty big change for me because i usually made sub-par breakcore.

I arranged the orchestral music and drew out the dubstep elements by drawing waveforms because i dont want to pay 189 dollars for serum.

Feel free to give criticism/feedback!


Welcome to our community.Nice track but take out that annoying bass or make it more in the back round and not so tough.In my opinion it does not belong in this kind of track,instead add some epic vocals and some pads on it

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback dude! I really am exited to be part of this community.

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