Rerererequest Variable Loop

Please please please please

i want a controlable set loop start/end - forward/backward/pingpong, if you want just by pattern command…
I can ask you down on my knees hands joigned!!!

just a little command to move the loop limits!!! please please pleaaaaaaase!!!

I will tatoo the “R” logo on my ass if you implement it!!! :w00t:

ok i m alone in that trip!!! have you never tried to move the loop marckers while the sample is playing??? it s so glitchy so perfect so wonderfull!!!
:(:frowning: :(:frowning: :(:frowning: :(:frowning: :(:frowning: :(:frowning:

You’re not alone at all. I am one of many others who would love to see this feature.

again, giving you only the ability to change the loop would be bad: the idea is to give you access to a whole set of XRNI parameters, just like it is in MIDI and VST instruments.

that time will come.

I know what you re saying but beyond “glitchy” effects this one on its own can be used to modulate phase on instruments made from small sections of sampled waveform. So i think itd be a very useful synth tool.

yes that s also true!! i would love to have that option on my amiga years ago!! :)