Resampling Loops With Processing In Realtime

I recently saw the shitmat production tutorial video, and have merged some of his workflow into my renoise workflow as an experiment. It’s really interesting, and a totally different approach than what I’m used to.

He is using all of these different apps to work with his loops. Making variatons (easy with sample offset randomization), and resampling them into new loops using a midi controller driving some VST effects.

– Edit just to make clear… The Shitmat video was an inspiration, but it could be done in renoise with no extra apps… If we had a way to record the outputs to (loopable) wavs…

Hit play in renoise, and while it is playing, it is rendering wavs (cut to loop size) to disk. The realtime control of the vsts, and effects is of course essential (i.e. not a ‘render’).

This functionality is there for the most part already in the sample recorder interface. If we could record from the renoise outputs we’re halfway there. The only code addition would be another space to choose if you wanted loops cut (or one big file as it is now), and possibly the size of the loops.

Currently the only way to do this is in another app, which supports realtime recording of the outputs (I use audiomulch). Then manually cutting the loops back out in a wav editor, which is slow and prone to error.

With this feature added, there would be no switching between apps needed to create variations of loops in realtime with vst processing. Fast = Better.

Is there a way to do this, or can it be added easily?


(Is the shitmat video to be found on the net or do I have to buy CM?)