Resampling Questions And Suggestions

First of all; I’m still waiting for the money to buy Renoise, so I have no experience with how resampling works in this prog. So, sorry if I’m way off!

Anyways; how about an option to automatically loop crossfade a track when doing a resample? In E-mu’s sampler Emulator X, there is an option to let the program crossfade automatically after sampling.
This is very useful for sustained sounds, and saves a lot of time. I imagine the way to go in Renoise at the moment is to do longer samples that span several patterns, or do some manual editing.
So, how about it?

Again: sorry if this has already been discussed - or if it indeed is a feature.

btw: are samples normalized automatically?

Anyone? :)

i have troubles with render selections,

  • all dsp chains are generated included master sections too
    i need to inactivet al the dsps
  • crossfading you need is missing
  • render selection is not normalized, why you need this?
    you can normalize after render, if you need…

thats all :D

Add send device at the start of the chain, render the send-track instead, no DSP plugins rendered without having to disable them ;)