Resampling Workflow

Is there a more efficient way to do resampling in renoise? Right now, I render to disk (CTRL+SHIFT+R), pick a file name, then use the disk browser to navigate to the sample and load the sample I created. It seems like there should be a way to render a selection/pattern directly into a new sample.

Maybe this seems lazy, but it kind of slows down the workflow when I want to do this a lot (e.g. when using an underpowered computer, CPU-expensive VST like ACE, or just experimenting with creative workflows heavy on resampling)


Use the Render selection to sample feature.

By default this is mapped to: LCTRL + LSHIFT + LALT + R

(But you can of course re-map it to whatever you prefer)

ACE synth, as in VSTi?

If so, then also try The Plugin Grabber.

DB - that’s the ticket, thanks!

I love the idea of the plugin grabber, but I haven’t found that much use for it in practice. The dynamic and temporal timbral variation of the instrument get lost, so in most cases I think I’d rather render phrases or individual hits. Still though, I’m glad it’s there, I’m sure I’ll try digging into it some more in the future.