Rescan Midi-devices on Windows

This is more of a convenience-thing, more than anything else, but here goes anyway:

I have a CME Bitstream 3X midi-controller that I use via USB. I don’t have it turned on all the time, but if I start making music with Renoise and then feel like using the midi-controller, I have to save the track, close Renoise, start it again to make the midi-controller appear in the program, and then I can continue on the music.

My question is if there could be a “rescan midi device”-button in the Preferences > Midi, just as you can rescan your VST’s or reinitialize your soundcard if anything happends. That way, I could just make a rescan and continue making music.

(By the way, I really like that Renoise remembers the MIDI Mapping setting, even if the device isn’t available, so when I restart Renoise, it will still remember where it was assigned when it was previously available)

i know what your talking about,i have the same “problem” sometimes.

unfortunately, it seems that this is a limitation of Windows OS with USB MIDI devices; this is what taktik told me when I asked the same question during 1.9beta stage.

:drummer: a lot of other software can’t do this thing too, it would be very cool advantage if it could…

Well i have experimented how to avoid this thing, and came to a method how you can do it

First you have to possess an audio/midi interface.
Next thing you have to connect your midi cable from your midi controler midi out to audio/midi interfaces midi input.
Controler can be powered via powercord (usb should be unpluged) or via usb at this state usb used only as a power supply for the controler.
The main thing what is all about, is that instead you assign your controls via usb-midi, you use genuine midi controls.
And becouse your audio/midi interface is already connected, it can send midi command through it any time you connect your controler…

I hope i explained it clearly enough… if you need a youtube tutorial just ask me and i could try to film everything how its done…

I apply this method when i’m on live gigs to avoid rebooting renoise or other software…
p.s. Afcourse you have to reassign and prepare your midi mapping to a midi method…
Just try, experiment and you will gain succes!!! :walkman:

If you dont have a midi cable, just go to the nearest electronical parts supply store and buy two male 5 pin DIN conectors, some 3 wire cable (personaly i use stereo microfone cable, becouse 3 wires is enough it looks something like this )

and if you are used to soldering things or ever tired to solder use this small tutorial…

Yes, thats a limitation of the Windows MIDI/Audio architectures. On Linux and OSX new devices will be automatically added/removed a soon as you plug them in/out while Renoise is running…

Aha, then not much to do about this one. :)

migloJE: Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve been thinking about this as well, by basically having the midi-interface online all the time and connect the controller to this instead.

:) you are welcome :) well actualy before usb times this was the only way i think…

I had been meaning to make this suggestion for a while but found this thread.

This is possible with studio one and windows 7. It has a rescan (reconnect) button for exactly this function and will recognise a newly connected USB MIDI device.

Therefore a bump for this thread in the hope that it can be done now in windows(7+) version of renoise?

Apparently fruity loops does it too.

Thanks! guess it must be possible now then.

It could be tried, but i suspect you really need to hit a button to make Renoise repull the device list.

Yes studio one uses a button. This is fine though as it still saves the hassle of restarting and reloading any song you`re working on.

And to be able to assign a hotkey would be totally awesome.

Hotkeys are always nice :)

hey crytek, the reply you are quoting was written 4 years ago; things may have changed since then. For example, Windows 8 was not available at that times ;)

How many musicians would use Windows 8 seriously?
I gamble on the next version becoming more interesting again will be windows 9.
Or perhaps Windows will only turn a bigger OS bloat than it already was.

Ledges says in an above post that it should also be possible with Windows 7

Windows 8 and 7 are the same thing. 8 just has a different start menu and security features built in. There’s nothing to stop a musician to use it seriously.


“Rescan midi devices”

This is bugging me as well, so if it is possible to have this work with Win7, I’d benefit and appreciate it ^_^