Rescanning Audio Devices

Since updating to 3.4, Renoise continually keeps ‘Rescanning Audio Devices’ every few seconds, causing small freezes and stutters.

I run two RME HDSP Multiface II’s on my system, and two iConnectivity mio10 MIDI devices. It seems the unified ASIO/MIDI driver for the mio10’s are the culprits for this problem - solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. Sadly, if the unified driver isn’t installed, I can no longer see the mio10’s as MIDI inputs in the MIDI device list Renoise populates.

I’ve tried ticking ‘Ignore request from driver’ tickbox in audio settings, but this doesn’t solve the issue. For now, I’ve had to go back to 3.3, as this doesn’t do the ‘Rescanning Audio Devices’ constantly.

What was changed between 3.3 and 3.4 to cause this?

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Experiencing the same issue out of nowhere today, even when i unplug all midi devices. :sweat: