"Rescanning Midi Devices" Freeze

I rewire Reason into Renoise (i.e. with Renoise as master). When I add a new device in Reason, it causes Renoise to freeze for 3-5 seconds showing “Rescanning MIDI devices” in the status bar. Reason is not affected, but Renoise stops sending MIDI while its frozen - very annoying. And by freezing I mean that everything in Renoise stops moving - track scopes, pattern editor, whatever - and clicking / moving the Renoise window has no effect.

After the freeze the status bar shows “X midi inputs and x midi outputs found” or something similar and everything is back to normal, though the play position has moved on so Renoise skips ahead accordingly.

This does not happen when I rewire Reason into Ableton Live, so I think it must be a Renoise issue.

Any ideas?

Perhaps the new device was overloading Renoise with data, but Ableton users complained about it first and Ableton fixed the problem. (For once :P)

Maybe. Ableton users do complain a lot. ;)

My guess is that Reason just notifies Renoise that new MIDI devices are available. And this causes Renoise to freeze while it works out what’s what.

I wonder if someone else who owns Reason can try to reproduce the bug?

Bumping this as I have tried a few things with no success. It would be great if someone could try and reproduce the bug, or if one of the Renoise team could confirm whether it is a known issue?

Tried uninstalling LoopBe MIDI Loopback - no success.
New versions of Renoise (2.6.0) and Reason (5.0.1) - no success.
Tried using Record (in demo mode) instead of Reason - no success.

Also, the same thing happens when rewiring Ableton into Renoise (Ableton = slave). However, I can rewire Reason into Ableton (Ableton = master) with no problems. This suggest the problem is with Renoise rather than any particular Rewire slave.

Help me Renoise-Forum Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

Its a know issue. When Reason creates a new instrument it also creates a new MIID port. Picking up this new port simply takes some time in Renoise. We’ll try to speed this up a bit in future, but for now there’s no workaround, fix for this issue. Sorry…

3-5 Seconds is quite a lot though. This is a lot faster here.

Thanks for the reply Taktik. FYI I just checked it with a stopwatch and the freeze is a little over 4 seconds, with no activity from Renoise the whole time.