Rescanning MIDI-devices is crashing...?

Hi Guys.

The last version of Renoise is rescanning MIDI-devices every few minutes (left corner on the bottom) and after that is freezing. Any ideas if my settings are wrong or is a problem with software…?


I think it only should scan at startup or when you are hot-plugging in & out usb devices. Perhaps an usb port is faulty and Renoise is triggered through it. Are there clues in the log file? What midi controllers are you using, OS type etc.

Either way, you can turn off the automatic rescanning in the midi tab of the preferences.

Hi man! thanks for reply. I use Win10 and MiniKorg keyboard but problem appears even when nothing is plugged. I switched off automatic rescanning and that helped a bit but Renoise is still crashing after few minutes when is using more CPU during playing. Maybe I need to try reinstall everything… Thanks anyway…

Check out the log file, you can find access to it through renoise gui, top of the screen. I think in the help dropdown window tab, something like ‘show log file’. Once the file is found, close down renoise and open it and look for the parts where there are crashes and post the contents here.

I reinstalled everything already so I don’t know if problem will back again yet. If that happen I will do it. Thanks.