"reset" Command For Flanger, Chorus, Phaser

to reset their internal LFO’s, that is.

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and maybe even more possibilities (like sort of wave, wave draw-thingy, etc).

But I wonder if it’s even possible because I don’t know if any other flanger has it.

myself and no doubt dblue knows of a work-around. using the the big daddy LFO to control the phase/delay of those fx. and the big LFO HAS a reset and you could just find out which command co-ordinate number it has and do it that way. but it’s alot of fuss.

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Definitely possible, since it’s just another parameter value hidden within the effect itself.

As far as I know, there are no workarounds at the moment - the parameters in question just aren’t available to the user.

It would definitely be great to have control over them, though, and I’ve mentioned it before in other threads. The Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, and Ringmod devices would all benefit from a reset function similar to the LFO device.

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I’ve been using a comb filter + lfo but this would be really nice feature.

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and synchronize with start

Hi has this progressed any further?

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there’sreset button on those effects in redux, so probably 3.1, in renoise

Interesting…thanks. Is there a running list of what’s likely for 3.1?


All effects dsp devices fromredux forsure, everything else, most probably yes, routing possibly in later versions.

The info of redux features is a little scattered around several forum threads, see redux?; redux vs renoise; Big respect to the Redux teaser video; while waiting for redux threads, use the search function to find these threads

Has there been any development on how to restart a flanger? It would be nice to have it always sound right in the track, whenever you render it, rather than just hoping it will be on the right part of the flange at render time.


it is in redux, therefore it will be in 3.1


it is in redux, therefore it will be in 3.1