Reset Slider To Default Value

Is there a way to quickly reset a slider to it’s default/zero value?

I know you can click the associated text field and enter zero “manually”, but it’s quite common to be able to ctrl-click or double click to reset a control.

Shift + Control + Delete initialize device settings or,
right click on labels and choose ‘Init Parameters’

Thanks for the hint, but that’s not quite it though.
Init parameters resets all parameters for a device. My request is simply to be able to reset a single slider/value widget quickly.

Examples: Center pan a mixer channel, reset a mixer fader back to 0dB.

Currently the key and mouse actions are the only way to go.
There is a freeware macroutility that says to be capable of performing a range of mouse and keyactions for you using a specific hotkey option, but there is a risk this application won’t work on Renoise (Because of DirectInput capturing away full keyboardcontrol from windows).
I haven’t tested this one myself.

If it does work it might be a solution for a lot of other things as well.
(like copy paste selections and perform massive change options in a text editor then paste the changes back)

The app is called HotkeyP

There is also a german macrotool called Smart Macro whic is a bit more user friendly, however it doesn’t perform all key actions correctly (like entering a value and submitting enter).
Maybe add an idea to the suggestion box for a macro editor in Renoise?

I would definitely like to see this behaviour implemented myself. It has already been suggested a few times by other people on this forum. I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been added yet to be honest, since it would be a very simple and elegant solution to the problem.

A macro editor inside Renoise would certainly be an awesome addition too, I would be extremely interested to play around with that, but I do not think it’s really suitable for something of this nature. This is a simple function which should really just be built into Renoise’s parameter/slider framework I think.

Like doubleclicking the parametername to reset to it’s default value?

I think double-clicking on the slider’s handle itself would feel a bit more natural, but if there’s something in the GUI framework that needs to be worked around (ie. double-clicking a slider is not possible) then double-clicking the parameter name would also work.

coming from a reason (gasp) background it was handy being able to ctrl+click and reset an individual knob or whatever.
renoise needs this small yet time saving feature.

on a slightly unrelated note, i noticed it’s possible to have values like -0.0db for volume and 0R/0L when panning if you do minute edits with the mouse.
but this could be intentional because of renoise’s programmatical nature of starting numbering at 0 like all trackers

So this isn’t implemented yet? I was about to add a question about setting mixer parameters to 0dB / center pan, but thought that I’m probably just too stupid to figure it out, hehe.
Anyway, double-clicking was what I tried first, then clicking with centre mouse button, then right-clicking looking for an option, and then I just hovered over the slider and bombarded keys at random looking for that magic “reset to center” key :D

So, please add this feature - the fact that I’m not an advanced user in Renoise and still was SURE that such a key must exist somewhere is proof enough that we are missing something here.

ps. This doesn’t mean that I am not thankful that we now HAVE a mixer! Since it’s so new, it’s natural that it hasn’t found its final shape yet.

I agree. CTRL+MOUSECLICK [or even safer - CTRL+DoubleMouseClick] would save time of entering default [zero] value to, lets say, VolumeSlider… CTRL+SHIFT+DEL does the job but it resets all parameters.

Control + Mouse click is already used for value finetuning. Double click on the slider feels wrong. Still havnt found a nice solution that would work for all controls. Thats why its not yet done.