Resetting instrument names

In Renoise 3.3 I’ve noticed that for some reason Instrument names keep resetting quite often,

for example the default instrument name is VST: play_VST_x64 (), I rename it to VST: play_VST_x64 (Pipa),
and then after working a while I notice it’s VST: play_VST_x64 () again. A moment ago I had four instrument names reset to the default (three EastWest Play, one Best Service Engine 2 instrument) so it’s not just a single plugin.

This seems to be happening quite often but I still haven’t yet caught what causes it.
Anyone else bumped into this? I don’t remember it ever happening in 3.2.4, or any previous Renoise version for that matter.

Ok right after posting this I found how it happens, when you rename an instrument, the name is saved correctly, when you select another instrument, it’s still ok, but when you go back to the renamed instrument, the name resets when you click it. Saving the project doesn’t seem to help, some of the instruments still keep resetting, while some do not.

Here’s a video of it happening:

@retrothruster I think I remember that in previous versions there have also been problems of this type with the names of the VSTi. Exactly what you are describing was probably happening.

It seems like a headache to resolve this internally. Supposedly, when you select an instrument, Renoise updates certain data. Renoise will probably need a modified name record for each instrument to prevent them from being modified again (that is, if the name is modified by the user, it is impossible to modify it again by Renoise).

On the other hand, is it really Renoise who changes the name or is it the plugin itself that renames it?
Look at the name of the plugin (the name of the program), to see what happens.

Well, I have four EastWest Play instances in my song, EastWest Silk loaded in all of them, but only two of the names reset with Renoise 3.3, two of them stay the same.

I also noticed that for some reason with the new update (3.3.1) the EW Play instrument names do not reset and are saved correctly, but the BS Engine 2 instrument name still resets, I tried and loaded the same project file with Renoise 3.3 and with it the same EW Play instrument names reset and are not saved, so the problem is with Renoise most likely since the plugins and patches stay the same.