Resizable Top Frame / Sample List

I don’t quite like the way the sample list only displays 3 lines. It’s frustrating to manage larger drum kits / zone sets.

If the “divider line” between instrument and sample lists, and the top frame wer resizable, you could adjust how much and what info is important in your current context. Furthermore, if these resizings were stored in view snapshots, it’d make for easy switching (e.g sample editing/mapping and pattern editing).

Agree especially on the sample editor window.

However I don’t know if they are working on a better instrument for Renoise.
Then it might not look the same at all…

I would solve this with a tab-driven window; you know, like in Firefox’s tabbed browsing: an “Inst” tab, and a “Smp” tab.

The space for tabs would be more than found by removing the samples window completely.

I agree too, like I said in another topic, the bar between the instrument & file list should also be moveable.