Resize VST Windows

Resizing VST windows? Is it possible. It seems they’re locked in their default sizes, you can’t maximize them either.

As far as I know, the window size of VSTs is fixed. Some plugins allow you to change the size or choose between some fixed layouts, but most of them don’t. I guess it has something to do with the skins being bitmaps…

Renoise does support resizable plugin windows, but the plugin itself must also support it, and it must provide its own controls to resize the window correctly.

Most of the time, if the plugin does support resizing, then you’ll find something to “grab” in the lower right corner of its window. You can see this in Redux, for example, or in Minihost Modular (which I’ve seen you using in another post).

Other times, as with Synth1, the plugin may provide a handful of pre-made sizes to choose from, so you’ll have to open the plugin’s options panel and set the window size there. Or there may be some other control to flip between compact, normal, and expanded views.