[RESOLVED] External VST Surge: cannot automate some FXs parameters

Hi !
When using the free VST Surge, I found something that looks like a bug, maybe someone here can help me if not

Steps to reproduce:

  • Load the VST
  • add Reverb as an FX (on the right)

It isn’t possible to automate Width or Mix parameters with an “Instrument Automation”, the only FXs found by Instrument Automation are FX A1 Type and Parameter (1-12), however looking at the help section it seems that it should be named FX A1 Mix.
Same thing happens for effects on the send track.

If this is not a bug and I’m not doing the right thing, I’ll love to get some help, otherwise, if you have any clue if the issue could come from Renoise or Surge, let me know!


It works for me. I load Surge XT, add either Reverb 1 or Reverb 2 on the first insert slot “A Insert FX 1”, add an “Instr. Automation” device, select “FX A1 Width” in the menu for the first slider, and I can automate the parameter by line or by envelope.

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Hmm I tried again but there seems to still be a weird issue.
When I open a new Song, if I load Surge as a VST3, I have access to the FX A1 Width parameter. However, when loading it as an AU (I’m a mac user), it doesn’t show.

What is even weirder, is that if I open one of my existing projects (the one I encountered the bug first), no matter if I use Surge as a VST3 or an AU, I can’t access it.

I finally managed to resolve my issue. Turns out it might come from the fact I was loading one of my custom synth presets and not using the FX 1 slot.

  • Adding an effect on the FX 1 slot does the trick, my FX 3 (reverb) slot parameters are showing in my Instr Automation.

Note that just adding the FX won’t be enough, I also have to click once on my Reverb (FX 3) effect so that Renoise see that it exists. (For some reason, when loading a preset with some FXs you need to click on them for Renoise to see it).

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