Resonic. The greatest sound/sample browser out there

My problem before: I had lots of GB of samplepacks… But as many of you, I only used 10% of the samplepacks…
So I was searching on google for a good and fast “sample browser” and that lead me to “Audio finder”… a lot off people recommend that… but it is Apple only…

So I’ve searched on and I found “Resonic”

Mega fast and handy sample browser!!

The dude that’s making it is currently working on new a new beta… and anyone can be a beta tester…

Just try it… and I will assure you that you’ll love it…

I listened to before and afterwards saved the things I thought I was in need of into different folders on a certain hd.

AudioFinder is a really nice one for OS X

awesome sample browser

nice one. loving it, but there is yet no search function… at least I can’t find it. That’s a big bummer, it could be so powerful if there was an advanced search filter, searching through subfolders, tagging folders and files, etc. But I’m guessing these are things that probably are on the todo-list :slight_smile:

It’s like a full-screen version of the Renoise browser. I like it!

Tried to point it to a folder with thousands of singlecycle waves. That sounded pretty great, actually :lol:

Looks nice. I also like Akai CDxtract

Anyone know of a similar tool for Linux?

I’ve been waiting for the big new pro release of this for a while, it’s looking to be the most amazing program for both sample browsing and just as a music player. I’ve been using Winamp as the latter for over a decade but this could dethrone it.

I’ve been using Winamp as the latter for over a decade but this could dethrone it.


never used anything else.

Anyone know of a similar tool for Linux?

Downloading Nulloy right now to find out what it might be.

Also available for OSX and Windows.

I built my own. Just one big list with a search input field. Thats all.I hate to browse folders, because it takes too much time and i would always search in the same folders. I can drop files into renoise or use auto drop, too. I’ve added a random button, so i dont play the same samples all over again. When i search for a kick, i just enter “bd” or “kick” and hit SHIFT+ENTER and its switching randomly to a list item and play it. Auto drop is great when you loop a pattern in renoise and want to test different snare, kick or hihat samples. Not sure what resonic can do, but i cant life without my random button or auto drop feature.

Turned out Nulloy wasn’t much of a browser. Perhaps in the future.

Resonic Betais scheduled for an official mid-December release. \o/