Retar-d2: Game Over!

Greetings, Future Persons, from the year 1982!

First, let me give a vocoded shout-out to all the Renoise creators: you’ve created the best damned DAW on the planet. Period. I’ve actually had seven new robotic arms grafted onto my body so’s I can give you nine thumbs up for creating such a wonderful product and being such great folks to work with.

Now for the self-promotion:

For a few years now, very off and on, I’ve been writing oldskool electro music under the name Retar-D2. Every song is composed entirely using old, old drum machines and sounds sampled from old arcade games, Atari consoles, 8-bit original Nintendos, SNES systems, and–ok, I cheated once and sampled some noise from StarCraft.

I recently finished the track “Game Over”, and it was done ENTIRELY in Renoise using only a handful of different old videogame sounds, a…uummm, some kind of Akai drum machine, and the VST plugins CamelSpace, CamelPhat, and (I think) Fabfilter Timeless.

If you’d like to hear the result, check out Retar-D2’s MySpace page to enjoy the soul-stirring 8-bit soulfulness.

Please let me know what you think. I’ll be offering the complete Retar-D2 album, High Scores, in a month or so ENTIRELY FREE online. I’ll even be posting the actual .xrns files along with the finished songs so y’all can go wild and remix or sample away. It’s all Creative-Commons-Licensed, so share and share alike!

I will be accepting donations if anyone actually wants to give me some money for this–but I’m only going to be accepting donations in multiples of 25cents. :P Don’t feel obligated, though. Just enjoy the music and spread the nostalgia for early '80s arcades.

Best of all, if you remix any of my tunes, PLEASE let me know! If they are suitably phat, I’ll post 'em on the Retar-D2 site so everyone can enjoy them!

Ohyeah, and one of the songs on the album is going to be a cover of the Tron theme song. Wendy Carlos in da hizzy, yo.

Thanks a lot, folks!

Quite the interesting song going on. I like the chill mood…also how it sounds retro, yet updated/evolved.

Good stuff all around.

And yes, <3 Renoise.

I’d have never probably gone anywhere with my compositions without it.

Love it! Not much else to say. Let us know when the album is out.

Although arcade style 25c donations are nice idea, if you are going to that through paypal, you will rather lose money than win it.

I would personally prefer a CD packaged in a nes cartridge or something. :)

That is a SERIOUSLY cool idea. We definitely have thought of it–we just need to get a whole bunch of carts. Luckily, everyone I know has tons of SNES carts that don;'t work anymore, no matter how much you blow on 'em. :D