retarded hip hop

I am trying to make hip hop, here is a beat

Please let me know how I can make it more hip hop

Here is the xrns if you wanna mess about with it

Using linux dsp plugs

Please repost here if you work on it, audio or xrns

Good job man! Interesting way to sample.

But I think that your beat (kick and snare) sounds a little bit too robotic, not so natural and groovy. I would hear a nice breakbeat :slight_smile:

If I have time, i will try to work on your xrns!

Thanks for your input, yeah its a kick from an old disco track or something, I will keep that in mind

the kick rythm and the reverse drum sample sound nice but definitely take away from the hip hop vibe. Something a bit simpler but with more groove would work better for that. At the moment sounds a bit idm-ish which is cool but not what you’re going for according to your post

I heard some reverse drum sounds in some xhibit intstrumentals but I guess thats more hip pop than hip hop. I get what your saying, I am sampling pop cd’s not just jazz and soul. Thanks