retrigger modulation set on phrase key

I would like to be able to tell a modulation set not to retrigger on each note in the phrase, but only when a key starts the phrase. That way I could have a fast , percussive phrase (modulated with set 1 on each phrase note) played with one key, transposed and everything, but it would be modulated by set 2 with a slow envelope on the filter, for example.

I know I can achieve a similar result with filters & automation in the pattern, but then it’s decoupled from the keyboard and therefore less playable.

Also, the same option would be nice for the key/velocity-tracker meta-effects in the FX Chains.


I’m not sure I understand. Triggering a phrase, you want the samples within the phrase to trigger their modulation once? (A phrase can be looping, remember?)
But what do you mean by “modulated by set 2” - I guess you lost me there…

Perhaps you can explain how you would achieve this without phrases (for simplicity’s sake), and if you were expecting it to work with live input or pre-programmed sequences?


Set1 - for individual sounds
set2 - for phrase (something like fx automatization tied to phrase).
So if you press key on keyboard it will triget phrase and also modulation / automatization.
For example drum roll with fading cutoff…

Ah, now I think I get it. We are not necessarily talking about sample-modulation, but rather automation?

If I understood it correctly you want ghost note in phrases? That would be cool.

For now, to ignore retriggers etc. in the phrase itself you can simply use a virtual midi port
Have your instrument with phrases triggered by that midi port and bound to a track.
Use the midi port in another track right before it.
Set up all the filters and everything in the instrument’s track with LFOs.
Put a keytracker in the midi track, make it send resets to the LFOs in the instrument’s tracks.
MUTE the instrument’s track IN THE PATTERN MATRIX.

Yep, that’s a possibility. It’s quite convoluted and also not saveable with the instrument. Someone somewhere mentioned the notion of “treating a phrase like a sample”. So that’s what I want to do:

  1. create an instrument with a mod chain
  2. create a phrase in that instrument
  3. apply a second mod chain tho the whole of that phrase, treated as if it was a sample.

Right now I’m simply resampling at step 2 and then using the sampled phrase in a new instrument. Obviously transposing and tempo changes are affecting this quite differently.
Welp, v3 seems to be in dry wraps as of now so maybe this can turn into a feature request for a later release.