Retrigger sample pattern effect command on rendered plugin?

I’ve looked at the per-sample Sample Properties, Keyzones, Envelopes, etc, and I can not seem to figure out why the Retrigger Sample pattern command is not working as expected on samples that are part of a “Render plugin to instrument” set of samples.

The retrig command sounds like a note-off or cut is executed based on the length of when the retrig command would trigger the first repeat, but then there is no repeat.

I’ll probably figure it out in eleven seconds after posting this, but if anyone has input on this, I’ve also attached an example:

  • pattern0 rendered sample set with no retrig

  • p1: rendered plugin sample based instrument with retrigger sample pattern effects

  • p2: basic samples with same retrigger sample pattern effects

I figured it out, but I’ll keep it a secret until someone else asks.?

It pertains to velocity settings when rendering plugins to instruments.