Retro fan here - Renoise 1.2.8

Hello, I am a registered user so I have access to old builds like 1.2.8.
I managed to install 1.9.1 which I used back in the day. And it plays fine.
But when installing 1.2.8 the following error pops up:

***Failed to load the ressource file: "SwitchOff.bmp"***

Make sure that you`ve used the latest installer that is available for this version !

If you`ve downloaded this binary from the userpages, go to the userpages again and use
the installer that is provided there. If you already used this installer, make sure that you`ve
overwriten the binary that came with the installer with your registered version of Renoise.

If this still doesnt work for you, contact for further assistance.
AApplication: Init FAILED

Also the rns.exe is only 2.8MB, a bit small. What sould I need to do? Install demo first?

Yes, please install the 1.2.8 Demo from Archived Releases | Renoise first, then the registered version from the backstage.

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